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Canadian Experts (230,000+ records)

CFI, CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC grant recipients for 2009-2010 to 2016-2017

Federal Government Experts 

CFI, CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC, science.gc.ca

European Experts 

       European Experts include researchers funded through EU research projects

       Link provided to access EU-funded research projects 

CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service)

 US Experts

      US Experts include researchers funded through US research projects

      Link provided to access federal R&D investments


Centres of Excellence (48) (BL-NCEs, CECRs, CIRCE, NCEs, NCE-KM) Innovation Atlas

R&D Companies/Partners (60,000+) 

ACOA: 2009-2010 to 2016-2017

CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC: 2009-2010 to 2016-2017

MITACS: 2011-2012-2015-2016

NRC-IRAP: 2009-2010 to 2016-2017

SDTC: 2010 to 2016

(includes companies that were funded to do R&D, partnered/funded university research or provided internship/fellowship opportunities





Federal Labs (160+) Innovation Atlas

Research Colleges (105)

(includes Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges information: FY2016 rank and research income)

RE$EARCH Infosource

Research Hospitals (161 includes hospital site locations)

(includes Canada's Top 40 Research Hospitals information: FY2014 rank and research spending/income)

RE$EARCH Infosource

Research Centres (1,000+)

(includes research centres/institutes for
Universities, as well as some Non-Profit research centres, and
Quebec's College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT)

Innovation Atlas

Universities (76)

(includes Canada's Top 50 Research Universities information: FY2016 rank and sponsored research income)

RE$EARCH Infosource
Alberta Innovates Connector Service Alberta Innovates
Angel Investor Groups National Angel Capital Organization (NACO)/Innovation Atlas
Global Affairs Canada Trade Commissioner Service Global Affairs Canada Trade Commissioner Service
Economic Development Offices (300+) Innovation Atlas
Granting Agencies Innovation Atlas
Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE)
Research Parks Association of University Research Parks (AURP) Canada
Technology Transfer Offices Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technologies (ACCT Canada), Members List
Venture Capital Firms (140+) Canada's Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) 


The Innovation Atlas of Canada TM is an Internet-based subscription service focused on bringing Canadian research and innovation to life through interactive maps. A one-stop research tool to obtain places and people involved in R&D at the national, regional, provincial and city level. See Who is doing What and Where in research and innovation in Canada.

Innovation Atlas of Canada™ January 2018